Nicola Norman

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Community Programs Coordinator


nnorman [at]

Nicola “Uatuva” Norman joined the Institute as the Community Programs Coordinator for the Mission Thrive Summer program in April 2018. She received a Bachelors in Nutritional Science from Morgan State University in 2012, where she co-founded the campus’s first Organic Community Garden. After graduating from Morgan, Nicola worked with the Mission Thrive Summer program in 2014 as a program coordinator. Her professional scope ranges from health promotion education, community and youth engagement, media production, demos, event & program planning, and experiential education using food justice and nutrition as her guiding mediums. She enjoys organizing intentional wellness spaces in her interpersonal community and roots herself in the understanding that health isn’t just what you're eating, but is also determined through one’s attitude, thoughts, and behaviors overall. She incorporates these principles into her approach and passion for working with communities that have been historically marginalized to defy social norms and health outcomes.