It's Perfectly Clear: a Green Road update

The Green Road project has reached a major milestone: The site is now clear of downed timber and debris, except for that which we’ve chosen to keep. We must thank our industrious volunteers as well as the Navy, who sent in a chainsaw-wielding, tractor-driving crew last weekend, free of charge.

Paths were unintentionally created as large logs were dragged away. Now, with a clear site and a well-defined route for pedestrians and wheelchairs, it’s easier than ever to imagine the finished project. Truly, the Green Road seems destined to happen.

After seeing the latest progress, Fred commented, “Beyond all the teams and partners, there are major spiritual powers driving this to completion. I don’t understand these at all, but I’m aware of their presence. We just need to keep showing up and putting our hands in the ground.” Sounds like a good plan!

Here are some before and after images so you can see the progress for yourself:






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