What is the State of Primary Care During COVID-19?

thank-you-doctors-note-next-to-a-face-mask-and-a-stethoscope-4386468.jpgThe Institute's Visioning Visionary, Dr. Rebecca Etz’s work aims to grow and articulate the intellectual foundations and guiding principles for the next generation of primary care. At this unprecedented time of the COVID-19 pandemic, Rebecca’s work with the Larry A. Green Center is highlighting the fact that systemic neglect of primary care in the United States has left this critical national resource unstable and overwhelmed. In response to the fact that no one organization, federal funder, or national dataset speaks to the on-the-ground realities of primary care practice, Rebecca and her team’s “Quick COVID-19 Primary Care Survey” is gathering data weekly from primary care practitioners across the country. National and state policy is now being informed about the strains on this system.

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The results were recently featured in a Washington Post article on May 14, 2020.

6/20/2020—During the June 12-15 survey, primary care physicians were asked if they would prefer a biweekly survey instead of a weekly survey since the "new normal" is stabilizing. In response to this question, the Larry A. Green Center will be switching the "Quick COVID-19 Survey" to a biweekly schedule.