Alica Diehl


The Institute for Integrative Health
Community Programs Coordinator


Alica Diehl, is Community Programs Coordinator at the Institute for Integrative Health.  Ms. Diehl joined the Institute in September 2014, with two years of experience educating, mentoring and inspiring urban youth to adopt healthy lifestyles. As Community Programs Coordinator, she refines and implements the Institute’s existing Mission Thrive community-based programs while developing a new one, called Five Times a Feast.
Prior to joining the Institute, Ms. Diehl coordinated health and wellness programs at Patterson High School during a two-year term with HealthCorps, a national organization with which the Institute partnered to place full-time health mentors in select Baltimore schools. Recognizing her talents and passion for community health, the Institute offered her a staff position at the conclusion of her HealthCorps service.
At Patterson High, Ms. Diehl taught weekly lessons on healthy eating, exercise, and mental resiliency; led yoga sessions for the men’s basketball team; coordinated the after-school cooking club and Teen Battle Chef programs; hosted health fairs; and provided staff with wellness activities.
Ms. Diehl received her bachelor’s degree in neuroscience from Johns Hopkins University. While in college, she became deeply interested in nutrition, leading her to pursue relevant courses, jobs and volunteer opportunities.
Her evolving health and wellness interests center on factors that create and maintain supportive communities and allow them to be healthy and thrive.