We Convene Forums & Host Dialogues

The Institute presents and sponsors forums to advance issues in integrative health that are stuck or ripe for exploration. Creating an environment for dialogue among diverse experts, our forums yield innovative solutions and plans of action.


youth health

February 2016    Baltimore, Maryland

Building Bridges, Defining Metrics

Participants envisioned a new, integrative approach to creating and evaluating community-based programs that improve the health of urban and disadvantaged youth. Learn more
Integrative care

October 2015  •  Zurich, Switzerland

Clinical Models in Integrative Medicine

Leaders from six of the world’s top integrative medicine programs met to identify best practices for clinical patient care that integrates these therapies with conventional medicine. Learn more


May 2015    Salerno, Italy

Gut-Brain Axis: How to Manage Pain Caused by this Cross-Talk

Thought leaders from the international biomedical and integrative medicine communities explored conventional, complementary, and integrative medical perspectives on treating pain that stems from bidirectional brain-gut interactions.  Learn more
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October 2013    Salerno, Italy

Understanding and Treating Inflammation: A Transcultural Approach

This international symposium examined inflammation from various perspectives, including traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy, functional medicine, and biomedicine.  Learn more

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April 2013    Baltimore, MD

Bioregulatory Medicine Think Tank

Bioregulatory medicine, which aims to induce healing and promote health by supporting the body’s inherent self-regulating abilities, was the focus of this two-day forum.  Learn more
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October 2012    Stuttgart, Germany

Applying Insight from Corporate Mergers to Improve Integrative Medicine

Business and health care leaders identified solutions for merging the distinctly different cultures of complementary and conventional medicine in a health care setting. Learn more
May 2012    Portland, OR

Effectiveness Guidance Workshop for Traditional Chinese Medicine Research

This workshop established consensus on a set of guidelines to steer the design of comparative effectiveness studies of traditional Chinese medicine.  Learn more
August 2011    Washington, DC

Martin Luther King, Jr. Health Equity Summit

The Institute presented a panel on integrative health and health equity at a summit organized by the Institute for the Advancement of Minority & Multicultural Medicine.  Learn more
July 2011    Sante Fe, NM

Effectiveness Guidance Workshop for Acupuncture Research

This workshop established consensus on a set guidelines to steer the design of comparative effectiveness studies of acupuncture. Learn more
September 2010    Washington, DC

Stakeholder Conference on Integrative Health Care Reform

Integrative health leaders developed strategies to influence how relevant provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act would be implemented.  Learn more
September 2010  •  Wellesley, MA

Summit on Standards and Credentialing of Professional Health Coaches

Co-sponsored with Harvard Medical School, the summit produced a plan for creating a national certification program for health and wellness coaches.  Learn more
April 2010 

Online Symposium: Comparative Effectiveness Research & Integrative Medicine

In this virtual forum, health professionals explored ways to use comparative effectiveness research to generate evidence for integrative medicine.  Learn more
November 2009  •  Baltimore, MD

Symposium on Evidentiary Framework for Complementary & Integrative Medicine

Hosted by the Institute in collaboration with the Center for Medical Technology Policy, this symposium examined opportunities and challenges in using comparative effectiveness research to study integrative medicine.  Learn more
October 2007  •  Washington, DC

Applying Principles from Complex Systems to Study Complementary & Alternative Medicine

Held in partnership with the National Institutes of Health, this conference examined how complementary and alternative medicine research might benefit from the field of complexity science.  Learn more