Building a Healthy Community with Five Times a Feast 


Five Times a Feast is a free six-to-eight-week cooking program designed to address the common challenges associated with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. These interactive cooking lessons teach Baltimore City residents to overcome the barriers to healthy home cooking and eating in a budget-friendly way.


Participants of Five Times a Feast will attend regular sessions at one of the Institute’s host sites. The Institute partners with local community organizations to recruit participants. The Institute provides each host site with all of the cooking equipment and ingredients necessary for the program as well as a highly trained cooking professional.


This workshop will cover information and hands-on practice in overcoming the four largest barriers to healthy home-cooking: budget, time, nutrition knowledge, and comfort in the kitchen. Participants will learn cooking skills while they prepare six servings of a healthy recipe. One serving is eaten at the family meal that participants share at the end of the workshop, while the remaining five portions are packaged to take home to share with families or to eat in the week ahead.

For more information about bringing Five Times a Feast to your organization or community group, email Nshoulds [at]