Mission Thrive Community-Based Programs

Empowering People for Lifelong Health

Mission Thrive is a set of innovative program models created by Institute for Integrative Health and its partners to empower youth, families, and communities to make lifestyle changes that will support their health and well-being.

Each Mission Thrive model is designed to address the unique needs and challenges of a particular ​population. Grounded in health science, our models engage participants in hands-on experiences involving cooking, nutrition, physical fitness, and mindfulness. With practice and mastery of skills, participants are able to incorporate health-promoting strategies into their daily lives. Our p​rograms ​also ​inspire them with the confidence to become health leaders, sharing their knowledge and stories of success with others.

​​To​ refine models and​ promote replication, ​the Institute tests and evaluates ​programs​ and broadly disseminates the findings​.



MISSION THRIVE SUMMER engages Baltimore City high school students in urban farming, cooking, fitness, mindfulness, and leadership training.
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FIVE TIMES A FEAST breaks down barriers to healthy home-cooking: food costs, time for preparation, comfort in the kitchen, and an understanding of nutrition.  Learn more

SPICE MY PLATE aimed to improve the quality of students’ diets by involving them in creating flavorful, healthful dishes.  Learn more
The MINDFULNESS AT PATTERSON PARTNERSHIP conducted and evaluated a school-wide mindfulness program.  Learn more