We Build Healthy Communities

While medical care is essential, its influence on our health status is over-estimated. The factors over which we have the most control—like diet, sleep, physical activity, and managing stress—are larger contributors to our health than many people realize.

The Institute designs, launches, and evaluates programs aimed at giving people, including vulnerable populations, maximum influence over their health. We also pursue initiatives that expand the awareness and adoption of integrative health approaches.


Mission Thrive

Our Mission Thrive programs enable youth and adults to gain fundamental knowledge and skills for healthy living.

Involving cooking, nutrition, mindfulness, and physical fitness, these hands-on experiences help youth build stronger bodies, stay focused in school, and cope more effectively with stress.

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Vet Arts Connect

A new program of the Institute for Integrative Health, Vet Arts Connect places and connects Maryland military veterans with opportunities to engage in the creative arts and outdoor recreation. By linking them with vital arts and nature experiences, Vet Arts Connect aims to support veterans' personal journeys toward healing and fulfillment. Substantial evidence suggests such activities can positively impact their health and well-being.

Our searchable online directory of activities for Maryland veterans is slated go live in April. 

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The Green Road Project

The Green Road is an outdoor healing environment for wounded service members and their families at Naval Support Activitiy Bethesda, home of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. The two-acre woodland oasis is a complement to state-of-the art health care as service members recover from traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other seriious conditions.

A study measuring the Green Road's impact has the potential to shape how green space is used to enhance community health and well-being.

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