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Make a difference in the lives of others

We welcome volunteers who have time and talents to share. To join us for our next volunteer meeting at our Baltimore headquarters contact volunteer[at] tiih.org

Here are some of the opportunities for improving the health and well-being of your community with the Institute for Integrative Health: 



Are you interested in becoming a volunteer with the Institute? We are always looking for new volunteers to join us and help spread the work and benefits of integrative health further. 

Please express your interest in an email to: volunteer[at] tiih.org.


Check out the latest volunteer opportunities we have here at the Institute and let us know when you have time to give us an extra hand! Upcoming volunteer opportunities


If you enjoy spending time outdoors, this opportunity is for you. The Green Road Project is creating a natural oasis of respite for members of the military and their families on land adjacent to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, MD.

As a Friend of the Green Road, you'll work on outdoor projects—weeding, raking, planting, and performing general maintenance—in a beautiful woodland setting to ensure the sustainability of this sacred space for service members and veterans.

To volunteer on the Green Road, send an email to: volunteer[at] tiih.org.

Volunteer Trainers and Educators

Are you a health professional who's eager to move from a sick-care model to a well-care model? Here's how you can help.
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The Institute offers trainings and workshops to expand the skills and knowledge of health practitioners, and support the general public in adopting healthy lifestyles. Advance the integrative health movement by sharing your expertise and passion. Well qualified practitioners should inquire at volunteer [at] tiih.org or contact Wendy Bohdel, wbohdel [at] tiih.org.

Fundraising Support

Assist us in securing support for our programs that focus on nutrition, mindfulness, healthy aging, and complementary health.
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Hold a company fundraiser, have a house party, or help reach out to like-minded donors. Please express your interest in an email to: volunteer[at] tiih.org.