Support a Healthy Holiday!

Help Us Improve the Lifelong Health of People & Communities

At the Institute for Integrative Health, we work full-time on improving the health of the whole person, for her or his entire lifespan.

We do this through community initiatives, that seek to improve the health of targeted communities:

  • With Vet Arts Connect, we provide healing opportunities that work, through the arts and nature
  • With Mission Thrive Summer, we engage high school youth in a “work, earn, and learn” program that teaches healthy cooking, mindfulness, and leadership
  • With Five Times a Feast, we engage communities and community leaders to learn healthy cooking on a budget while also taking these new health skills to teach other community members
  • With our NEW Culinary Health and Medicine initiative, we’re teaching the next generation of doctors important culinary health information, that they may better inform their future patients.

We also do this through an active Scholars & Fellows program, where the Institute supports groundbreaking research in integrative health, which can lead to new discoveries and understanding about what makes us health.

But we can’t do anything of this without your support. 

Please give generously this holiday season.  Your support helps to heal veterans, share valuable information in health and nutrition, and unveil new discoveries from our network of Scholars and Fellows.

From all of us at the Institute for Integrative Health, we thank you for your support, and we wish you a bright, healthy, and happy holiday season!