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Staff Wellness Challenge Update

The final week of our Staff Wellness Challenge brought the focus back to our plates. Our goal was to eat the rainbow—specifically, the rainbow of fruits and vegetables. Each color has its own set of nutrient contributors, so dining on a rainbow produce …

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An Attitude of Gratitude

After two weeks of moving and nourishing our bodies, the third week of the Staff Wellness Challenge rounded out our healthy perspective by focusing on the mind. Our task was simple: Keep a gratitude journal.

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The Breakfast Habit

Eating breakfast, the focus of our Staff Wellness Challenge for week two, improves mental focus, lowers cholesterol and sets a healthy tone for the whole day. Get some ideas for delicious, healthy breakfasts, and find out who won the challenge this week.

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Standing Up to the Harms of Sitting

Did you know that sitting is detrimental to your health? It's even being called the new smoking. Learn more about the issue and how Institute staff are trying to combat it.

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