Eco-Healthy Skin Care 


Two-Part Workshop

Wednesdays, April 12 & 19, 2017   •   5:30 —8 pm

In this two-part workshop, discover how items in your kitchen may benefit your skin just as much, or more, than products in your bathroom. Learn how to care for your skin while protecting yourself and the environment from toxins in many common skin care products. In addition, workshop leaders will share healthy lifestyle practices that are essential for supporting glowing skin.

Part 1 - From the Inside Out
Wednesday, April 12 5:30–8pm

  • Discover how the food you eat impacts your skin.
  • Make delicious, skin-supporting recipes you can take home.
  • Find out which foods help heal and support healthy skin.
  • Learn how your skin can be impacted by your lifestyle choices, such as sleep.

Part 2 - From the Outside In
Wednesday, April 19 5:30–8pm

  • Create your own skin care products using natural, kitchen-based ingredients. Take home generous samples.
  • Hear how local makers of safe, natural personal care products source ingredients and formulate their goods. (You’ll have time shop!)
  • Find out how you can avoid dangerous ingredients lurking in so-called “natural” products.
  • Discover resources for making safer purchases for you and your loved ones.

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Shelley Birnbaum, is the owner of Renew Botanicals Skin Care Studio in Baltimore, Maryland. Read more


Alica Diehl, is a community educator who has been presenting healthy lifestyle workshops in Baltimore City for six years in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University, the American Diabetes Association, Health Corps, and the Institute for Integrative Health. Read more


Jennifer Kunze, Jennifer works as a community organizer for Clean Water Action, an environmental advocacy organization that fights to protect the environment and public health. Read more


Tasha Manigo-Bizzell, MS, MBA, LDN, CNS, L.E., is an Esthetic Nutritionist, board certified nutrition specialist, esteem coach, and the owner of Muse Wellness Company.  Read more


Wednesdays, April 12 & 19
5:30 pm : Reception
6 - 7:30 pm: Workshop
7:30 - 8 pm: Q&A

The Institute for
Integrative Health
1407 Fleet St.
Baltimore, MD 21231
Parking and directions

$35 for both workshops until March 20
$20 per workshop after March 20



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