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7/13/2020—The Institute partnered with University of Maryland School of Medicine's Dr. Chris D'Adamo to implement a core curriculum culinary medicine training for medical students—the first ever in the world to be taught at this depth and intensity. This course better prepared students to address their future patients' diet and lifestyle concerns. Read more about this innovative work here!
6/04/2021—Congratulations to Institute Scholar Judy Rollins on the publication of her new book, 'Purpose-built' Art in Hospitals: Art with Intent. Learn more about Judy's important work here or click here for book purchasing information.
5/19/21—Don't miss this opportunity to gather 'round a "Virtual Campfire," May 19, 11 a.m., part of the continuing Project Earthrise discussions. The theme of the discussion is Opportunities to Accelerate Flourishing for People, Places and Planet in the aftermath of  2020. Read more about this exciting event here.
4/20/21—Our new Sr. Director of Strategic Communications Dawn Stoltzfus writes about how we're celebrating Earth Day this week by highlighting some of the Institute’s innovative scholars and visionaries who explore the connections between nature, healing, and planetary health.
3/5/21—Read the latest reflection from our Founder Brian Berman on "Seeing with New Eyes."
3/5/21—Read this thoughtful Q & A with Institute Founders Brian Berman and Susan Hartnoll Berman: "The Institute for Integrative Health: Igniting an epidemic of health," in the journal Research Features.
3/4/21—WATCH: Presentations from Institute staff and fellows at the December 2020 inVIVO Project Earthrise 9th annual conference. The theme of the event, Project Earthrise, challenged us to imagine a better world, and to pose fundamental questions about how we live on our planet, how we see ourselves, and how we treat others.
3/3/21—Congratulations to our Visiting Visionary Rebecca Etz on receiving the "Barbara Starfield Primary Care Leadership Award" from the Primary Care Collaborative, in recognition of her commitment to "comprehensive, coordinated, & person-focused care" for all. We're lucky to have her! Watch her remarks.
11/20/20 – Cochrane Complementary Medicine newsletter includes details on a bursary award and reviews on topics including cannabis use in older adults and the quality of online CAM-related health information.
10/2/2020—Dr. Chris D'Adamo, Director of the Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and the Institute, joins the nutritionists at the Giant Food Nutrition Made Easy Podcast to discuss lifestyle activities and foods that can help support a healthy immune system.



Reflections From Our Founder

At the Institute we are called to integrate, and today that has come to mean something profoundly different than it did in 2020. We are looking at our family, our organization, our city, our state, our culture, indeed our planet, with new eyes. Now we see that individual wellness cannot exist without planetary health. The world is in a critical moment of transformation – and we are, too. Read More


What is the State of Primary Care During COVID-19?

The Institute’s Visiting Visionary, Dr. Rebecca Etz, of the Larry A. Green Center, is conducting a weekly nationwide clinician survey to better understand the response and capacity of US primary care practices to COVID-19.


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Project Earthrise

Inspired by the transcendent moment in modern history when we first saw the Earth from across the void of space, our Scholar-initiated Project Earthrise asks “What kind of world do we want to live in?”  The diverse conversations and perspectives that emerge through Project Earthrise will seek to place a higher value on creativity, imagination, and self-development in solving challenges at all scales, for all citizens of the world.
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Bold Ideas & Inspiring Stories

The Institute's commitment to helping people live healthier lives begins with bold thinking from some of the best and the brightest minds in integrative health and continues into action. Now more than ever, it is also important to highlight bright spots from around the world that showcase our collective resilience and ability to think of creative solutions. Learn More


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