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The Human Guide to Our 
Creative Brain

Sunday, February 1

The Institute and the American Visionary Art Museum present a fascinating deep-dive into the wonders of the creative mind. This free conference celebrates unexpected moments of creative inspiration with presentations by noted artists and scientists. Learn more

Yoga as Medicine:
Yoga for Anxiety and Depression

Tuesday, February 10

Discover yoga as an effective tool to soothe an anxious mind and tame the effects of chaos from daily life. You'll gain a clear understanding of how to quickly adjust your attitude, and learn techniques aimed at creating specific mood states. Learn more

Yoga as Medicine:
Yoga to Facilitate Life Changes

Tuesday, March 10

In this workshop you will learn different yogic skills that can ease difficult times of change. You will also explore new ways to identify where your body is holding stress or indecision. Learn more

Yoga as Medicine:
Yoga to Break Free from Pain

Tuesday, April 30

Experience yoga to address the unique abilities and limitations of people suffering from pain. You'll discover postures, breathwork, chanting, and meditation, creating an opportunity to reduce stress and increase pain tolerance. Learn more

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New Program Removes Barriers to Healthy Cooking

Our newest community program, Five Times a Feast, shows participants how to prepare healthy home-cooked meals efficiently and affordably. Learn more

Institute Scholar Wins Award from US Ignite

David Lary is developing an app that would benefit people who have asthma and other respiratory conditions by alerting them when air quality in their area presents a health risk. Learn more



Sharing Our Mission Thrive Model Nationally

In a workshop led by the Institute's Brandin Bowden, educators and community leaders from across the country learned how we're preparing urban teens to lead healthy lives. Learn more

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Standing up to the Harms
of Sitting

A slew of recent studies have concluded that sitting for hours at a time increases our mortality, even if we exercise. Our Staff Wellness Challenge aim to combat the problem. Learn more


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