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Yoga as Medicine:
Yoga to Break Free From Pain

Tuesday, January 6

Create an opportunity to reduce stress and pain tolerance through postures, breathwork, chanting, and meditation at this workshop. You’ll learn the latest research on the cyclical relationship between chronic pain and negative emotions. Learn more

Jump Start Your Health 
for the New Year

Wednesday, January 14

Discover what you can do to clear out your body and your mind for better health. In this workshop you will gain the tools you need to be able to press the restart button on your health and create your very best 2015. Learn more

Going Gluten-Free the
Healthy Way

Wednesday, January 28 

Find healthful solutions for living without gluten in this cooking and nutrition workshop. You'll also learn how to make wholesome, gluten-free versions of some of your favorite foods, and reflect on the role grains serve in your life. Learn more

Yoga as Medicine:
Yoga for Anxiety and Depression

Tuesday, February 10

Discover yoga as an effective tool to soothe an anxious mind and tame the effects of chaos from daily life. You'll gain a clear understanding of how to quickly adjust your attitude, and learn techniques aimed at creating specific mood states. Learn more

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Expert Tips to Achieve Your Health Resolutions

Chef and health coach Jennifer Helene Popken-Leeds offers guidance for overcoming inertia, boosting your energy, and staying on a healthy path in 2015, Learn more

Institute Scholar Wins Award from US Ignite

David Lary is developing an app that would benefit people who have asthma and other respiratory conditions by alerting them when air quality in their area presents a health risk. Learn more



Sharing Our Mission Thrive Model Nationally

In a workshop led by the Institute's Brandin Bowden, educators and community leaders from across the country learned how we're preparing urban teens to lead healthy lives. Learn more

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Biofield of Dreams

Coming to a Screen Near You

Institute Scholar Richard Hammerschlag offers a new way of seeing the body in "Biofield of Dreams: Energy Physiology as a Basis for Integrative Health." Learn more


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