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What Science Says About
Dietary Supplements:

Spotlight on heart and liver health, digestion, & sleep

Wednesday, June 3

Discover which supplements promote restful sleep, help relieve digestive problems, help manage cholesterol and triglycerides, and support healthy liver function. Learn more

Cooking with Super Foods

Wednesday, June 24

Discover what makes super foods exceptional and how you can gain their nutritional benefits in delicious ways in this two-hour interactive class. You’ll learn how to create delicious salads, entrees, and snacks featuring super foods. Learn more

The Healing Power of Painting

Tuesdays, September 29 - October 20

In this uplifting four-session course, you’ll experience art-making as a means to personal growth. Learn techniques of painting and drawing, and discover how the artistic process can be a lifelong tool for relieving stress, fostering resilience, and boosting your vitality. Learn more

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New Program Removes Barriers to Healthy Cooking

Our newest community program, Five Times a Feast, shows participants how to prepare healthy home-cooked meals efficiently and affordably. Learn more

Institute Scholar wins NASA Innovation Award

Institute Scholar George Brainard was awarded for his innovative work on new, adjustable L.E.D. lights to help astronauts sleep and preform better in space. Learn more



Safeguard Your Skin and the Planet

Learn how to protect yourself and the environment from toxins in thousands of common products with these eco-healthy skin care tips from our workshop for Green Week. Learn more

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Optimizing Your Nutrition:
Tips from Chris D'Adamo, PhD

The first in a four-part blog series from our panel, "Optimizing Weight Loss, Digestion and Healthy Aging with Nutrition.” Find out what Dr. Chris D’Adamo had to say about diets. Learn more


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